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This document explains how to use SCOPDEV v3. SCOPDEV v2.5 (a.k.a. xAPI) is still present for legacy integrations, but is turned off by default. If you wish to continue using v2.5, you must to the following:

  1. Establish an SSH connection to ScopTel as administrator.

  2. Enable v2.5 with this command: touch /var/www/scopserv/realtime/monitoring/.xapi_daemon

  3. Restart Realtime with this command: service scopserv_realtime restart

SCOPDEV 2.5 and 3 can be used side by side without any issue, but version 2.5 is deprecated.

SCOPDEV v.3 has two components:

  1. a REST API containing over 300 methods to read data and execute essential operations;

  2. an event capture system.


You must have the latest installation of ScopTel on CentOS6.


APIs and their documentation are found on port 5555 by default, the same as the default port to access SCOPTEL’s GUI. If you change this port, than API calls must also be directed to the new port.


If the administrator turns on SSL for added security, http:// is replaced by https:// for the API calls and documentation.


REST API is accessed at http://<server ip>:5555/api/, where <server ip> is the IP address of your ScopTel installation.

The REST methods interactive documentation is found at http://<server ip>:5555/api/docs/. You will need to use the /authenticate API first to use the interactive features of the other APIs.



For basic integrations, you will want to create API Users that are authorized to use the REST API. To create an API User:

  1. In SCOPTEL go under Configuration > Telephony > Configuration.

  2. Select the API Users tab.

  3. Click Add a new API User.

  4. Write a username and password.

  5. You can apply tenant restrictions, but we do not recommend changing any other setting.

  6. Click Add.

Events API

The event-capture API is documented at http://<server ip>:5555/api-events/docs.